Sunday, 20 October 2013

The Purpose

The purpose. That’s what am not understanding. But according to me I don’t exist on this planet (which is a small dust particle in this extra huge universe), to do some paperwork.

People live. People die. Most people don’t live, they just exist.

What I think is that, most people simply exist to do paperwork on this beautiful planet. They don’t have time to stop and smell the roses. This world is beautiful but most people don’t see it. They prefer to live in the false digital world rather than living in and with the beautiful nature. The world is too small and our lives even smaller. Its too small to just exist.

I like to travel. I admire the presence of those beautiful mountains, those never ending flower fields, those sleek creeks and smoothly flowing rivers. I feel small in their presence. I feel humble. That’s a feeling to like in oneself; one feel closer to divineness. Probably that’s also one of the reason why I like to travel in harsh rains. I seems to like growling thunders. It also make me feel humble.

This life is too small to do things you don’t like to and to live life you don’t want.
By the time you are 20 years old, you have hardly been alive for 7300 days. By 40 years; for 14600 days. By 60 years; for 21900 days.

People should be with nature more than the digital world. Its nice to travel a lot. To be in presence of nature. To feel it. To admire it. Its always worth to spend time in presence of mountains rather than in presence of cellphones and laptops.

Thank you.